Geriatric-Focused Care in Ontario:
What Billing Codes Tell us about Physician Practice Patterns

Our approach

We will identify a cohort of geriatric-focused physicians through Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) physician billing numbers using the following categories:

  1. Care of Elderly (COE) Family Physicians

  2. Geriatric Medicine

  3. Geriatric Psychiatry

Physicians in each category will be identified by each calendar year (going back to year 2004). After identifying these physicians in each calendar year, we describe their socio-demographics factors and practice activities.

Our Team

Team Leads:

Andrew P. Costa, PhD | McMaster University

Amina Jabbar, Geriatric Medicine Fellow, PhD(c) | McMaster University

Operation Team:

Ahmad Rahim, MSc. | IC/ES - McMaster University


Susan Bronskill, MSc, PhD | IC/ES - Central


Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences