Home Care Clients in Primary Care:

The Prevalence of Home Care Clients within Primary Care Practices, and the Association between Primary Care Practice Visits and Same Day Emergency Department Use

Our Approach

First, we will identify a cohort of physicians with rostered patients and are operating under different primary models care using the Client Agency program Enrolment (CAPE) database. The identified cohort will be linked to the Home Care Client database to identify home care clients on their roster to understand the prevalence of home care clients within primary care practices.

Second, we will conduct a population-based case-crossover study among home care patients to understand the association between primary care practice visits and same day emergency department use.

Our Team

Team Leads:

Andrew P. Costa, PhD | McMaster University

Operation Team:

Ahmad Rahim, MSc. | IC/ES - McMaster University

Jeff Poss, PhD | University of Waterloo

Aaron Jones, MSc., PhD (c) | McMaster University


Susan Bronskill, MSc, PhD | IC/ES - Central


Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences