Classifying and Describing Retirement Home Residents in Ontario: Creating the First Population-Level Retirement Home Cohort


Retirement home residents’ need, characteristics, and clinical outcomes have been under-studied.  To our knowledge, a cohort of retirement home resident in Ontario is yet to be established. Therefore, we will create the first-population-level retirement home cohort in Ontario to classify retirement home residents and address this knowledge gap.

Our approach

We will identify retirement home residents in Ontario by linking the publicly available Retirement Home Regulatory Authority (RHRA) file to the Person-registered Database (RPDB) database at the postal code level. The resulting cohort will be linked to the Continuing Care Reporting system (CCRS) to exclude residents who are in long-term care (nursing homes). This linkage will allow us to characterize the retirement home resident population with their demographics characteristics and health system utilization patterns using existing ICES data holdings.

Our Team

Team Leads:

Andrew P. Costa, PhD | McMaster University

Susan Bronskill, MSc, PhD | IC/ES - Central

Team Members:

Derek Manis, MHSc, BAHSc | McMaster University

Ahmad Rahim, MSc. | Analyst | IC/ES - McMaster University

Nathan Stall, PhD (c) | IC/ES - University of Toronto

Richard Perez | Lead Research Methodologist | IC/ES - McMaster University

Michael Campitelli | Staff Scientist | IC/ES - Central


Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences

Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences